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Civil Authorities

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Alfin Silversmith(LG Human Male Noble)
Mayor of Dwarflake these past thirty four years. A heavily built man in his early fifties, better at drinking, laughing and helping skin a deer than at politics or justice. Generally well liked by the village and complaints about him being part of a dynasty are usually teasing or joking rather than genuine complaints. Decent Strength, Constitution and Charisma.

Sir Jarreth of the Horseguards (LG Human Male Paladin (Torm))
The Lieutenant Governor. About ten years ago the kingdom fought a war. They were….invaded by someone? Or invaded someone? Or one of their allies was invaded by someone? Or…you’re not sure. There was definitely a war up north though, which affected you not a jot. Sir Jarreth, though, an elderly man missing the lower half of his right leg, is definitely a hero of it, and was definitely awarded this sinecure as a reward for his definite heroics. He’s the most outspoken opponent of the Cult of Malar and frankly without him the Cult may have become de facto legal. Not on his watch though. He keeps himself to himself usually, but is pleasant and approachable when approached. He’s also quite a dashing figure – long white hair, neatly trimmed beard and often in the only suit of plate mail you’ve ever seen; emblazoned with mysterious and romantic looking heraldic symbols. He has a greatsword that many in the village can’t even lift, although obviously he doesn’t carry it around with him day in day out. You’ve heard its magic. It will kill anyone evil who touches it. Or maybe it brings people back from the dead. Possibly, you only heard this the other day, it can fly by itself and take on Sir Jarreth’s enemies without him needing to swing it. Whatever, point is its definitely magic.

Kafra (LG Human Male Ranger)
The “sheriff”, such as it is, of Dwarflake. Occasionally he’s called upon to sort out a fight, three years ago he arrested Jekob the Tanner for stealing Eva Longhair’s potatoes – people still talk about that, it was a big day. Largely, though, his job is patrolling the wilderness surrounding Dwarflake and helping where people have got lost/stuck/whatever. Most hunters will let their wives or friends know where they’re going and when they expect to be back. If they’re not when they say they will be, a knock on Kafra’s door sends him off looking for them.

He lost part of his nose to frostbite and generally small children are terrified of his vaguely skull-like appearance. Older children are entranced by it, adults rarely even notice it any more.

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