Why don't we play a little game?

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Why don't we play a little game?

Post by Tim Hallow on Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:28 pm

So, as I believe many of you are aware, not all of us post all the time. So let's make a little game to see, and encourage, forum activity.

Simple rules: Count to 100. Everyone posts the number included in the previous post+1. For ease, make said number bold. You may not post directly after yourself(I can't reply to this post with every other number). When whomever makes the post containing the number 100, no-one shall post until the total number of posts everyone has made have been counted(Since I created this game, I'll finish it, okay?). This will then be the 101st post in this thread.

My thought here is that basically everyone wants to win, so they'll check the forum more often, hopefully increasing post frequency. For those using there phones to post, the code for bold is


And the game is on!
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