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Refresher Course

Post by DM on Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:02 pm

Just to recap, because it's been one hell of a while.

Isabelle the druid wanted help subduing a rabid bear, she has hinted a few times that the infection came from rabid bat colonies. You aided her and in doing so saved one of Tara the merchant's drovers. Tara is now in town.

Kafra, the Sheriff, has suggested you might want to take the two day walk up to a dwarven watchtower to check it out for potential uses prior to it becoming Dwarflake's when the dwarves leave. Many people have mentioned that the cold winter has pushed the bugbears north though, in fact that's why the watchtower is being regarrisoned by the dwarves. Kafra also mentioned that the south side of the lake is a little more wild than the north side as fewer hunters go there.

Dern and Herrick, two hunters with Cult links and a large sack of something metallic, made a few crpytic comments about the village's inability to correctly garrison the tower - both through lack of skills and lack of people - but the party seemed disinclined to pursue it further and they left.

Let me know if there's anything you want me to expand upon.

Various tasks which have been left undone for ages are now underway, by the way - info moving from Facebook to here and suchlike.

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